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What to Expect

We know visiting a church can sometimes be awkward and you don't always know what to expect. So below are some of the things you can expect when you walk in the doors!

*** Parking*** Google or Apple Maps will often bring you to the northwest corner of our building (across from Discovery and Parkside Elementary schools. But our parking lot is on the East side of the block (the parking lot by our church and smaller church building on opposite corner is ours). Many people utilize Door 1 to come into the church! See you soon!

A Friendly Welcome

One of our core values is creating a church where people can feel like they belong. When you first arrive you should be greeted by someone welcoming you to church!

Music with a Purpose

There are so many ways one can worship God, but one of the main ways for us on Sundays is through music. We will sing songs (mostly contemporary but some traditional hymns as well) that help us express our love and devotion to Christ and what He has done in our lives. People respond to God in different ways, but we love when people clap and raise their hands as we worship so don't be surprised when that happens. 

Who is Welcome? 

Church should be the place where anyone can come and experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ. Whether you grew up in church, or never have been to one before we want you to come and worship with us together. We invite you to come as you are, but we believe that as you experience Christ He won't leave you that way!

Nursery & Kids Ministry

If you have children Birth - age 2 we have a nursery where you can check them in and drop them off. Our volunteers are background checked and love kids so you can enjoy service knowing they are in good hands! For preschool and elementary aged kids they will start our service together with you in the sanctuary then be dismissed for their own age appropriate Bible lesson with more screened volunteers who want to provide a fun, safe place for kids to experience God!

Relevant Messages

One of the amazing aspects of the Bible is that even though it is thousands of years old it is still has the power to speak and impact our lives today. We desire to preach messages that are grounded in solid Biblical doctrine and stay consistent with our belief that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. Our communicators desire to encourage and challenge the listener to live out their faith not just in service, but throughout the week in their every day lives. At the end of each message you will be given a chance to respond in some way or another to apply what you have heard. 

What to Wear?

There is no dress code to come to church, we just ask you wear clothes! Staff and volunteers range from all walks of life and there isn't a certain "look" required to be a part of of what we do here! Just come and join us!!

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